Search Engine Optimization

Website development is a cost effective marketing strategy for commercial companies. And it is a platform where you can reach out to millions of people and make them interested in your product. Potential online customers take help of a search engine to suggest suitable websites by filling in a key word. For your website to really be of some help, it is very important for it to be identified by the web crawlers and ranked higher in the appropriate list. We understand the changing dynamics of online services and offer our customers the unique Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service for their webpage. This increases the visibility of the websites and more people are able to look into your company profile.

We believe in optimizing our webpage by giving it a fresh look, consistently maintaining a unique and relevant content, stressing on easy navigation and fast loading of the website. upgrading it on regular intervals and avoiding indulgence in any malpractices, which can bring disrepute to your company. Unfortunately many web development companies guaranteeing SEO and higher page ranking in short time were found using doorway pages, cloaking or other spamming techniques, which could increase popularity of a page for some time but were eventually detected and blacklisted by the search engines. Search engines nowadays take special care to detect all such websites and blacklist or atleast ignore them in their websearch.

 We follow an ethical code and prohibit use of any malpractices in doing so. Even then our webpages have consistently done well in the search engine results without any fear of disrepute. Our diligence, Intelligent use of skills and commitment to ethical practices has paid dividends in terms of our long lasting relations with some of the best firms in Ludhiana and other cities.

Link Development

Man search engines look into relevance and popularity of a website to rate and  rank it in a search. All the above methods were to add relevance and genuine to your website. Link building is done to add popularity factor. This is a very tedious and time taking process because search engines can detect irrelevant and unnecessary links. So we dedicate a person to look for relevant sites of good repute and link them with your website for best results. One-way links from Directories and other related sites, Reciprocal Link Exchange with related sites, fee-based directory submissions and targeted link buys are all effective ways of developing quality links in high quantity.

Submission After the optimization process is complete, we will submit your Website to all the   major search engines and directories, including Yahoo, AltaVista, HotBot, AllTheWeb, Google, AOL, iWon and Netscape, MSN, Lycos, Teoma, AskJeeves and DMOZ (Open Directory). In addition to these submissions we add fee based directories such as Yahoo Directory Looksmart, Microsoft Bcentral and several other quality directories which will add to your link popularity. And lastly, if your Website has indexing issues, we will create and submit site maps to both Google and Yahoo via their respective programs.


This is the last and most important step which culminates the webpage development process. Although very few companies skip this step but realizing its importance we do not. This is before the optimization process starts. A ranking report is run with various search engines to check the ranking of our website. This report is sent to the customers for their knowledge. This report is helpful for optimizing the website further and making any requisite changes. A similar check run is performed every 30 days to check the progress of the webranking. In addition to these reports, our staff runs weekly checks to verify that your website is not dropped by any search engine. All these reports are notified to our customers. We believe in developing a long term relations with our customers. We welcome any queries and calls from our customers at any time of the day.

Content Writing

Selecting the right keywords is the first thing for content writing. Then while writing the specific content special concern is given to prefer these words. This makes it search engine friendly and our website is easily related to the keywords. An excessive usage of certain keywords may jeopardize the whole idea. Therefore the right usage and density ensures the best results. Our content writers are well experts in this job and have been doing this for last so many years. We take extra precautions to avoid any plagiarism or duplicity in our content, which may have adverse effects on the website ranking. Often content writers fall in the trap of going overboard and using a high flown language and end up using wrong words, incorrect spellings and messing up with the grammar. This is avoided by thorough proof reading and rechecks of our complete website.